should have told


Pattern English 365-완료형 6 | should have told

 ~했어야 하는건데


Pattern English | 완료형  ~  |  (6)

Mindy: Have you seen Kristen?

Joe: She left about 30 minutes ago.  She said she'd gone ahead. 

Mindy: She should have told me. I've been waiting for her. 

Joe: Maybe you should give her a call.


Mindy: Kristen봤어?

Joe:  한 30 분 전쯤에 봤는데. 간다고 하던데.

Mindy: 그녀는 가면 간다고 나한테 말을 했어야했어. 나 계속 그녀를 기다렸단 말이야.

Joe: 그녀에게 전화한번 해보는게 좋을거야.