It's very nice of you to


Pattern English 365- 감사표현3 | It's very nice of you to 

 ~해줘서 정말 고마워.


Pattern English | 감사표현 ~  |  (3)

Diane: I got something for you. 

Michelle: Oh, you shouldn't have. 

Diane: I should. It's very nice of you to invite us.  Being new in the neighborhood is not exactly easy. 

Michelle: You know, everyone's excited to meet you. 



Michelle: 어머  안 그러셔도 되는데요.

Diane: 아니에요.저를 초대해주셔서 정말 감사해요. 낯선곳에 이사와서 사는건 쉽지않은 일이거든요.

Michelle: 다들 당신을 만나기를 기대하고 있어요.