You'd better


Pattern English 365- 제안 4 | You'd better

~하는게 좋을거야


Pattern English | 제안 ~  |  (4)

Karen: You'd better go to bed early. You don't want to be late for school tomorrow.

James: I'm not done yet studying. 

Karen: You have been studying the whole day. 

James: But I want to get a perfect score.


Karen: 오늘은 일찍 잠자리에 들어야해.내일 학교 지각하지 않으려면.

James: 공부 아직 안끝났어요.

Karen: 오늘 하루종일 공부했잖아.

James: 그렇지만 점수를 잘 받고싶거든요.