Who's going to


Pattern English 365- Who 1

Who's going to 



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Tim: You made quite a spread today.

Helen: I didn't know what everyone likes. So, I made a little bit of everything.

Tim: You know, it's just the two of us here. Everyone else left earlier. Who's going to eat this?

Helen: You are. 


Tim: 오늘 스프레드를 많이 만들었네.

Helen: 모두들 무엇을 좋아할지 몰라사.모든것을 다 좀 만들었어.

Tim: 여기 겨우 우리 둘 밖에 없어.다들 일찍 떠났어.누가 이걸 다 먹지?

Helen: 네가 먹으면 되지.