as black as a sweep


Color Idioms |  as black as a sweep | very dirty or black (a chimney sweep cleans chimneys and becomes very black)


-My friend was as black as a sweep after he finished cleaning the basement. 


IDIOMS by THEME   | Level 1 | Color | (43) As Black As A Sweep

Michael: What in the world happened to you? You're as black as a sweep.

Bob: I was cleaning the attic before you came in.

Michael: Oh, no wonder you looked like that.

Bob: I know. That has been cleaned out since forever.


Michael: 도데체 무슨일이 생긴거야? 마치 굴뚝청소부처럼 새까맣네.

Bob: 너 오기전에 다락방 청소를 좀 하는 중이였어.

Michael: 아 그렇구나.알만하네.

Bob: 그러게나.청소를 그동안 한번도 안했었던것 같아.