Bent out of shape


Bent out of shape | needlessly worried about something.

과도하게 화난,흥분한 

-I know you're worried about your job interview, but don't get bent out of shape. You'll do just fine."


 IDIOMS by THEME   | Level 1 | (40) Bend Out of Shape

Helen: The students in the class really bent Ms. Smith out of shape. They were really unruly.

Lara: I know what you mean. I really feel sorry for her. 

Helen: This may sound awful but I really thank my lucky stars  they're not my students.

Lara: I am also thankful.


thank one's lucky stars: to be thankful for one's luck


Helen: 그 반 애들 Ms. Smith에게 엄청 화를내더라. out of shape. 애들이 정말 제멋대로에 다루기 힘들어.

Lara: 그러게나 말이야.Ms,Smith 안됐어.

Helen: 이런소리하는건 좀 못됐지만, 그 애들이 내가 맡은 애들이 아니라서 정말 운이 좋지.

Lara: 나도 정말 감사하지 뭐야.


thank one's lucky stars: 내 운이 좋음을 감사하다