Bad-mouth  | say unkind, unflattering, embarrassing (and probably untrue) things about someone.

남을 비방하거나 욕하는것

A: "I don't believe what Alex said. Why is he bad-mouthing me?"

B: "He's probably jealous of your success."


IDIOMS by THEME   | Level 1 | (39)  Bad Mouth

Missy: You know, what Sherri did wasn't very nice. I expected more from the her.

Carl: I agree. You don't go around bad-mouthing someone just because he got a better offer. 

Missy: It only shows your weakness. 

Carl: Amen to that!


Missy: Sherri가 해놓은것은 정말 좋지 않았어.난 그것보다 좀 더 잘하기를 기대했는데.

Carl: 동감이야. 그가 더 좋은 제의를 받았다고 해서 여기저기 돌아다니면서 남의 험담하지는 않을거야.

Missy: 그건 단지 그의 취약점을 보여주기만 할 뿐이야.

Carl: 전적으로 공감해.