Antsy  |   restless; impatient and tired of waiting.

안절부절하는 안달하는

I hope Allyn calls soon. Just sitting around and waiting is making me antsy."

I tend to get antsy waiting for my friends.


IDIOMS by THEME   | Level 1 | (38) Antsy

Brenda: Will you please sit still and stop moving around? People are starting to look at us.

Jace: I'm sorry. I can't keep still. All this waiting is making me really antsy

Brenda: Just chill.

Jace: I'm trying really hard. It's not everyday you get to meet the President.


chill: (slang) To calm down or relax


Brenda: 그만 좀 움직이고 가만히 좀 앉아있을래? 사람들이 우리 쳐다보기 시작하잖아.

Jace: 미안. 가만히 있지를 못하겠어.이 기다림이 나를 안절부절 못하게해.

Brenda: 그저 냉정하게 가만히좀 있어봐.

Jace: 진짜 열심히 그려려고 하고있어.그렇지만 대통령을 만나는게 늘 있는일은 아니잖아.


chill:  침착하고 냉정하게 있다.