Strike up a friendship


Strike up a friendship | to become friends (with someone)

친구가 되다

-I struck up a friendship with Mike while we were on a business trip together.


IDIOMS by THEME   | Level 1 | (29) Strike Up A Friendship

John: I still can't believe that I struck a friendship with Brad.

Paul: Oh, why is  that? I mean, he looks like a pretty cool guy.

John: Remember how he was in 10th grade?  He has this image of a bully back then. I told myself I wouldn't be friends with him. Turns out, he's not like that at all.

Paul: I guess you can thank basketball for changing your mind.


pretty: To a fair degree; moderately

turn out:  To end up; result 


John:  Brad와 친구가 되다니 믿을수가 없어.

Paul: 어떻게? 내말은 그는 쿨한 남자같던데.

John: 그가 10학년때 어땠는지 기억나?그는 그때에 애들을 괴롭히는 이미지였거든. 그와는 절대 친구가 되지 않겠다고 했는데.

          그런데 그는 전혀 그렇지 않다는 것을 알게됐어.

Paul: 네 생각을 바꾸게 해준 농구에게 감사할수있겠네.


pretty: 꽤.

turn out: 결국~라고 밝혀지다.의 결과가 되다.