On a shoestring


On a shoestring | with a very small amount of money

아주 적은 돈을 가지고

- I lived on a shoestring for a couple of years before I got a good-paying job.


IDIOMS by THEME   | Level 1 | (28) On A Shoestring

Jane: Please tell me you are going with us. 

Mina: I'm sorry to disappoint you but I won't be going with you guys.  It's been really tough for the last couple of months. Living on a shoestring is not easy.

Jane: Come on, Mina. You won't be spending a dime there. Everything's been taking care of.  It's Michelle's treat

Mina: Really? I guess I'll be going then. 


treat: a celebration, gift, feast given for paid by another


Jane: 우리랑 같이 갈거지?제발 그런다고 해.

Mina: 널 실망하게 해서 미안해.그런데 너희들과 같이못가. 요 몇달 진짜 어렵거든. 조금의 돈만을 가지고 생활하는것은 어려워.

Jane: 미나야. 넌 단돈 십원도 안 써도돼. 다 마련되어있어. 마이클이 한턱 내는것이거든.

Mina: 정말? 그럼 나도 갈게!


treat: 한턱 내는것.