May I suggest


Basic Email Patterns- 22

May I suggest

~을 제안해도 되겠습니까?


May I suggest a new approach?

May I suggest getting an outside opinion?

I'd like to suggest restructuring the office.

I'd like to suggest hiring a new team member.

We suggest contacting your supplier.

We suggest an in-person meeting.

Please consider the proposal.

Please consider circulating the report.


May I suggest a new approach?
새로운 처리방식을 제안해도 되겠습니까?

May I suggest getting an outside opinion?
외부 의견 수렴을 제안해도 되겠습니까?

I'd like to suggest restructuring the office.
회사 구조 조정을 제안하고자 합니다.

I'd like to suggest hiring a new team member.
새로운 팀원을 뽑을것을 제안하고자 합니다.

We suggest contacting your supplier.
공급업체에 연락해 보시길 제안하는 바입니다.

We suggest an in-person meeting.
직접 만나서 논의할 것을 제안합니다.

Please consider the proposal.
그 제안서를 고려해 주십시오.

Please consider circulation the report.
보고서 회람을 고려해 주십시오.