Can we negotiate


Basic Email Patterns- 18

Can we negotiate

~ 협상 가능합니까?


Can we negotiate on that contract?

Can we negotiate those trems?

I'd like to revisit the offer.

I'd like to revisit  your proposal.

Let's reconsider the compensation package.

Let's reconsider before reaching an agreement.

Is there any room to wiggle?

Is there any room for a revised offer?


Can we negotiate on that contract?
그 계약건은 협상 가능한가요?

Can we negotiate those trems?
그 조건은 협상 가능한가요?

I'd like to revisit the offer.
그 제안은 다시 논의해 보고 싶습니다.

I'd like to revisit  your proposal.
귀하의 제안을 다시 논의해보고 싶습니다.

Let's reconsider the compensation package.
급여 문제는 다시 생각해 봅시다.

Let's reconsider before reaching an agreement.
합의하기 전에 재고해 봅시다.

Is there any room to wiggle?
변화의 여지가 있는건가요?

Is there any room for a revised offer?
제안을 수정할 여지가 있나요?