Can we confirm


Basic Email Patterns- 8

Can we confirm

~을 확인할수 있을까요?


I'd like to confrim our meeting time.

I'd like to confirm the hotel room.

Please confirm by 3 p.m.

Please confirm if this is acceptable.

This is to confirm that we'll see you tomorrow.

This is to confirm that the order has been placed.

Can we confirm a date for the visit?

Can we confirm that you'll be attending?


I'd like to confrim our meeting time.
저희 회의 시간을 확인하고자 합니다.

I'd like to confirm the hotel room.
호텔 예약을 확인하고자 합니다.

Please confirm by 3 p.m.
오후 3시까지 확인 부탁드립니다.

Please confirm if this is acceptable.
이 사항이 괜찮으신지 확인 부탁드립니다.

This is to confirm that we'll see you tomorrow.
내일 당신과의 만남을 확인하기 위해 이 메일을 드립니다.

This is to confirm that the order has been placed.
이것은 주문이 이뤄졌음을 확인하기 위해 드리는 메일입니다.

Can we confirm a date for the visit?
방문 날짜를 확인할수 있을까요?

Can we confirm that you'll be attending?
귀하의 참석을 확인할수 있을까요?