saying something is right



saying something is right

~맞았을 때 쓰는 표현



Yes, that's right.

You're quite right.

Yes, that's correct.

That's spot on.

You're dead right (there).


You've hit the nail on the head.

You could say so.

I'm afraid so.

(I'm) sorry to say so.





Fill-in the appropriate word needed in each sentence. Remember the following sentences are expression when you say something is right. The first letter of the word is given as a clue.


1. Yes that is c _ _ _ _ _ _

2. That’s  s _ _ _  on!

3, You’ve hit the n_ _ _  on the head.
4.  You’re d _ _ _  right.

5. A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!



Ringo:  This girl looks really familiar. Isn’t she Amanda, the one who used to wear nerd glasses in middle school?

George: Yes, that’s right! Isn’t she hot now?

Ringo:  And the girl that I used to ignore before?

George:  I am afraid that’s the same girl Ringo.


Ringo:  이 여자애 어디서 많이 본것같은데.아만다 아니야?중학교 때 바보같은 안경쓰던애.

George: 응 맞아. 근데 지금은 엄청 이쁜데.

Ringo:  그러게.그리고 내가 전엔 엄청 무시했던 그 여자애이기도하지.

George: 쯧쯧 .맞아 그러게나 말이야..