expressing possibilities



expressing possibilities ~가능성이 있을 때 쓰는 표현



It's probably going to rain tomorrow.

There's a (good) chance it'll rain...

In all probability, it'll rain...

The odds are it'll rain tomorrow.

I wouldn't be surprised if it rained...

There's a fifty-fifty chance of rain...

It's quite likely it'll rain...

It may / might / could rain tomorrow.

Maybe it'll rain tomorrow.

There's (just) a chance it'll rain



Make your own sentences expressing possibilities on the following topic:


1.  Your country’s weather tomorrow.

2.  Your breakfast tomorrow morning.

3. The person who is calling you first tonight.



John: Are you going out son?

Son: Yes dad, I am meeting my friends at the park later.

John:  Make sure to bring an umbrella, It’s quite likely it will rain.

Son:  [Looking outside the window] I guess you’re right dad. I’d better tell them to meet at the gym instead.


John: 어디나가니?

Son: 네 이따가 친구랑 공원에서 만날거에요.

John: 우산가져가는것 있지마.비가 올것같애.

Son: (밖을 내다보면서)그러게요.아빠말이 맞는것같아요.공원에서 말고 체육관에서 대신 만나야겠어요.