reminding others



reminding others

~상기시킬 때 쓰는 표현



Don't forget to do it.

Remember to do it.

You will remember to do it.

You won't forget to do it, will you?

Can / Could I remind you to...?

I'd like to remind you about...

You haven't forgotten about __, have you?

I hope you haven't forgotten to...

Sorry to be a bore but do remember to...

May I remind you / all passengers that...



Make sentences about reminding others:  Use the given details in each item,


1. To Mom / 4PM  Saturday/ Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) meeting,

2. To friend Tom /  Acoustic Jam Session / Bring own instruments / Sunday 1PM


John: Hi, sup?

Paul: I am just calling to remind you that you have a meeting today at 1PM.

John:  Geez! Is that today? Thanks Paul!

Paul: And oh! You haven't forgotten about the dinner with your in-laws tonight, have you?


John: 안녕.무슨일이야?

Paul:오늘 1시에 만나기로 한것 혹시 잊었나 해서 알려주려고 전화걸었어.

John: 헉.오늘이였어? ㅋㅋ 고마워.