introducing oneself


 Everyday English | Introducing Oneself 

introducing oneself



Everyday English | Introducing Oneself


Learn how to greet people and how to introduce yourself and your family in a few words: give your name and nationality, where you are living and what you are doing.


Key Expressions | 

What’s up?

Where are you from?

I am from Korea?

What do you do


Task 1 |   Answer the following questions:

1. Where are you from?

2. What is your nationality?



Patrick: What’s up?

Daniel: Nothing much. Are you a tourist?

Patrick: Yes. What’s your name?

Daniel: I’m Daniel Jones. And you?

Patrick:  My name is Patrick Taylor. I’m Australian.

Daniel:  I’m from the United States.



Patrick:  Are you here for vacation or business?

Daniel:  For vacation, just like you. I need vacation from my job. haha

Patrick: What do you do?

Daniel:  I’m a teacher. What’s your job?

Patrick: I’m a pilot.



Patrick: Is your family with you?

Daniel:  Yes, my wife and two kids are at the hotel now, relaxing.

Patrick:  You have a small family. Mine is big. My wife and I have five children.

Daniel: Let’s have dinner together with our family.

Patrick:  That’s a good idea.

Daniel:  I’ll give you my phone number.



Patrick: 안녕?

Daniel: 그럭저럭.너는 관광객이니?

Patrick: 응. 네 이름은 뭐니?

Daniel: Daniel Jones야.넌?

Patrick: Patrick Taylor라고 해. 난 호주사람이야.

Daniel:  난 United States에서 왔어.



Patrick:  휴가로 왔어? 아니며 업무차 온거야?

Daniel:  휴가로 왔어.너처럼.난 휴가가 좀 필요해.

Patrick: 하는일은 뭐야?

Daniel:   나는 교사야.너는?

Patrick:  나는 조종사야.



Patrick: 가족과 함께 왔니?

Daniel:  응.와이프랑 애들 둘은 호텔에서 쉬고있어.

Patrick:  작은 가족이구나.우리 가족은 대가족이야.와이프와 5명의 애들이 있어.

Daniel: 우리 가족과 함께 식사하는건 어때?

Patrick:  좋은 생각인데.

Daniel:  내 전화 번호를 줄게.