Everyday English | Descriptions 




Everyday English | Descriptions

Learn how to describe your appearance using some simple adjectives and the names of parts of the body and of clothes. Find out about a few verbs to describe actions.

Key Expressions | Patterns

I am not fashionable.

My height is too short.

I have black hair and brown eyes.

I wish it was smaller.


Task 1 | 

Write a  short description about yourself. 




Todd: You look unhappy.

Sophie: I don’t like myself.

Todd:  Why not?

Sophie:  First my height. I’m too short.

Todd:  Most girls are short.

Sophie: My face is round and big. I wish it’s smaller.

Todd:  People have different face shape.

Sophie: My eyelashes are thin.

Todd: You can use mascara to make them thicker.

Sophie: My hair is black, should I dye it to blonde?

Todd:  No. Your hair color matches your fair skin.



Sophie: I think I’m not fashionable.

Todd:  Why not?

Sophie: I see girls wearing short skirts but I like wearing long skirts.

Todd: That is your style.

Sophie: You are just nice to me because you are my friend.

Todd:  You should be nice to yourself too.

Sophie: Hmm, I will try.



Todd: 기분이 안 좋아 보여.

Sophie: 난 내 자신이 싫어.

Todd:  왜?

Sophie:  우선 키가 맘에 안들어.너무 키카 작아.

Todd:  대부분의 여자들은 작아.

Sophie: 내 얼굴은 둥글고 커. 좀더 작으면 좋을텐데.

Todd:  사람들은 다들 제각각 다른 얼굴 모양을 가지고 있어.

Sophie: 속눈썹 숱이 너무 작아.

Todd: 마스카라 하면 풍성해보일거야.

Sophie: 내 머리색은 검정이야.금발로 염색하는게 좋을까?

Todd:  아니.네 지금 머리색이 네 피부색과 잘 어울려.


Sophie: 난 패셔너블하지않은것 같아.

Todd:  왜?

Sophie: 여자애들은 다 짧은치마를 입는데 난 긴치마를 입거든.

Todd: 그게 네 스타일이지.

Sophie: 네가 내 친구라서 넌 좋게 말해주는거야.

Todd:  넌 너 자신에게 관대할 필요가 있어.

Sophie: 흠.알겠어,그러도록 해볼게.