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 Everyday English | Dates and Times 

dates and times



Everyday English | Dates and Times

Learn the names of seasons, months, the days of the week and how to tell the time. Learn to say what time it is and giving duration (the current time and how long things take).


Key Expressions | Patterns

When is your birthday?

My birthday is on April 22nd.

What time is the meeting?

The class starts at 4PM.

I will graduate in October.


Task 1 |

Fill in the blanks: Complete the following dialog by filling in the proper prepositions - in, on, at.


Jason:  Today is your birthday, isn't it?

Terry: No. My birthday is  _____ Thursday.

Jason: Oh I thought it was today. What year were you born?

Terry: I was born _____ 1981.

Jason: When will you treat us?

Terry: You should treat me! You're my boss.

Jason: Okay, I'll treat you this weekend. Let's meet _____ Saturday.

Terry: What time?

Jason: How about we meet _____ 7pm?




John: Summer is almost over. When do you go back to school?

Molly: School starts on September 2nd.

John:  That is one week from now. Did you enroll for your subjects already?

Molly: Of course. I have nine classes.

John:  What time is your earliest class?

Molly: It’s at 730 in the morning.

John:  That’s too early.

Molly: How about you?

John:  I haven’t enrolled yet but I will in an hour. 


John: What time is your Physics class?

Molly: Physics is my latest class at 6 pm.

John:  OK, I will enroll that class too.

Molly: Are you graduating this year?

John:  No, I will graduate in 2015.

Molly: You will graduate in 2016 if you delay enrolling.

John:  Ok, I’m going now.



John: 여름도 거의 다 끝나가네.학교는 언제 다시 돌아가니?

Molly: 학교는 9월 2일에 시작해.

John:  그럼 지금으로부터 한주 후네. 과목들 수강신청은 벌써 했니?

Molly: 당연하지.9과목 신청했어.

John:  제일 이른 시간 과목은 뭐야?

Molly: 아침 7시 30분이야.

John:  아주 이르네.

Molly: 너는 어때?

John:  난 아직 신청안했어.그렇지만 한시간 안에 할거야.


John: 네 물리강의 강의는 몇시야?

Molly: 물리는 내가 신청한 과목중  제일 늦게시작해.저녁 6시야.

John:  그렇구나.나도 그 과목 신청해야지.

Molly:  넌 올해 졸업하니?

John:  아니 2015년에 졸업해.

Molly: 수강신청에 늦으면 넌 2016년에 졸업할거야.

John:  알았어.지금 할거야.