objects and animals


 Everyday English | Objects and Animals 

objects and animals

동물과 사물


Everyday English | Objects and Animals

Find out the names of everyday objects (office furniture, stationery) and describe where they are. Learn the names of some animals. 


Key Expressions | Patterns

Do you like animals?

I love dogs but I don’t like cats.

They chew my notebooks.

My cat sleeps on my couch.


Task 1 | 

Have you ever had a pet? 

if yes, write something about your pet. What kind of animal is it? How does it look like. etc.

If no, write about an animal that you can see at a zoo.What kind of animal is it? How does it look like. etc.



Martin: Hi Penny, may I borrow your calculator?

Penny: Where is your calculator?

Martin:My dog chewed it.

Penny:  Dogs eat everything, from slippers to tables.

Martin:Don’t you like animals?

Penny:  I don’t like dogs but I like cats.

Martin: Cats break furniture. They climb the tv stand and break vases.

Penny: Maybe we should take care of fish.

Martin: A fish is boring, it just swims.

Penny: : It doesn't destroy things.

Martin: Anyway, will you let me use your calculator?

Penny: Sure. It’s in the drawer beside the desk.

Martin:Thanks. I will return it after five minutes.

Penny:  You’re welcome.


Martin: 안녕 Penny, 네 계산기 좀 빌릴수 있어?

Penny: 네 계산기는 어디에 있는데?

Martin: 우리 개가 씹어버렸어.

Penny:  개들은 뭐든지 먹지.슬리퍼부터 테이블까지.

Martin: 넌 동물을 좋아하지 않니?

Penny:  난 개들은 좋아하지 않아.그렇지만 고양이는 좋아.

Martin: 고양이들은 가구들을 망가뜨려. TV대에도 올라가고 꽃병들을 깨뜨리고.

Penny: 아마 우리는 물고기를 키워야겠구나.

Martin:  물고기는 지루해,그저 헤엄만 치잖아.

Penny: : 아무것도 망가뜨리지 않으니깐.

Martin: 어쨋거나. 네 계산기좀  쓰자.

Penny: 물론이지. 책상옆의 서랍장 안에 있어.

Martin:고마워. 5분후에 쓰고 돌려줄게.

Penny:  천만에.