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attributive adjective




Everyday English | Adjectives

Learn new attributive adjectives. Describe yourself and some objects in detail.

Key Expressions | Patterns

How was it?

I think it was interesting.

The sea was blue and the sand was white and soft.

My skin is dry from the sunburn


Task 1 | 

Describe these things that you can find in your house.

1. bed

2. television

3. plates


Task 2 | 

Describe the following people you know:

4. your mom or dad

5. your sister or brother or friend



Lyn: Did you go to the beach with your family?

Fey: Yes, we did on the weekend.

Lyn: How was it?

Fey: The beach was pretty. The sea was blue and the sand was white and soft.

Lyn: Did you swim?

Fey: Yes I did, that’s why my skin is dry now from sunburn.

Lyn:  Oh, you didn’t use sunblock?

Fey: No, I was lazy to put on sunblock.

Lyn:  I think you regret that now.

Fey: I will be more careful next time.

Lyn:  That’s fine. Your weekend is still fun.

Fey: What about you, did you have a fun weekend.

Lyn:  Hmmm, I think it was interesting. I was sleepy all weekend so I just spent the weekend dreaming.


Lyn: 가족들과 함께 바다에 갔니?

Fey: 응 주말에 갔어.

Lyn: 어땠어?

Fey: 바닷가는 정말 멋졌어.바다는 파랗고 모래는 하얗고 부드러웠어.

Lyn: 수영했어?

Fey: 응,그래서 햇빛에 너무 많이 탔어.

Lyn:  자외선차단제 안 발랐어?

Fey: 안발랐어.바르기 귀찮아서.

Lyn:  안 그래서 지금 후회되겠다.

Fey: 다음번엔 좀 더 조심해야겠어.

Lyn:  괜찮아. 그래도 넌 즐거운 주말을 보냈으니깐.

Fey: 넌 어때? 주말 즐겁게 보냈니?

Lyn:  음.뭐 재미있었어. 주말에 내내 졸려서 자는데 보냈어.