the summer rental


 Everyday English | The Summer Rental 

the summer rental

여름휴가를 위한 아파트 대여


Everyday English | The Summer Rental

Learn how to express that something is broken or does not work. Learn basic household vocabulary.


Key Expressions | Patterns

The key doesn’t work.

That’s inconvenient.

My friend said otherwise.

The stove won’t turn on.


Task 1 |

Make one sentence that includes these three words.

rent, studio, friend


 Dialogues | 


Walter: The key doesn’t work.

Suzy: Let me try it. You need to pull the door before turning the key.

Walter:  That’s inconvenient.

Suzy:  I thought, it’s not a huge apartment. It’s a studio.

Walter:  My friend said otherwise.


Suzy:  It looks like this place hasn't been cleaned for so long. The window blinds are dusty.

Walter:  The owner travels a lot that’s why.

Suzy:  The stove won’t turn on so I guess we will eat out everyday.

Walter:  I did not expect that. Maybe we can use the microwave.

Suzy: It’s moldy, I don’t want to touch that.


Walter: : I’m very disappointed. I will call Peter about this. I’ll ask for a refund.

Suzy:  Relax, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just enjoy our vacation.



Walter: 열쇠가 안 열려요.

Suzy: 제가 한번 해볼게요.열쇠를 돌리기전에 문을 당겨야 하거든요.

Walter:  불편하네요.

Suzy:   제생각에 이건 큰 아파트가 아닌데요.원룸이에요.

Walter:  내 친구는 다르게 말했어요.


Suzy:  오랫동안 청소를 안한듯 보이네요.창문 블라인드는 먼지가 쌓였네요.

Walter:  집주인이 여행을 자주 다니거든요,그래서 그래요.

Suzy:  가스렌지 불이 안켜지네요.우리 매일 외식해야겠어요.

Walter:  그건 몰랐어요. 전자렌지를 써야겠어요.

Suzy: 지저분해요.만지고 싶지 않아요.


Walter: : 매우 실망스럽네요.Peter에게 전화해서 환불해달라고 해야겠어요.

Suzy:  진정해요.상관없어요.우리 그냥 우리 휴가를 즐겨요.