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 Everyday English | Grocery Shopping 

grocery shopping



Everyday English | Grocery Shopping

Learn what to ask when grocery shopping. Ask for advice on ingredients and cooking.


Key Expressions | Patterns

I should go to the grocery then. What should I buy?

How much should I get?

How many people are going to attend your party?

I have another problem.

Serve food that is easy to prepare.


Task 1 |

Make one sentence that includes these three words.

shop, party, guests


 Dialogues | 


Ken: Hello, I am going to have a party tonight. I am not sure what to cook.

Lester: Serve food that are easy to prepare.

Ken: Like what?

Lester:  Spaghetti, salad and fried chicken.

Ken: I should go to the grocery then. What should I buy?

Lester:  First, pasta noodles and spaghetti sauce. Next vegetables and salad dressing. Lastly, chicken legs and frying  oil.

Ken: How much should I get?


Lester: How many people are going to attend your party?

Ken: I will have 20 guests.

Lester:  I think one 2 kilograms of pasta, 2 cans of spaghetti sauce, a kilogram of mixed vegetables and 20 pieces of chicken legs would be fine.

Ken: Don’t forget the frying oil.

Lester:  Just get the smallest bottle of oil they have.


Ken: I have another problem.

Lester:  What is it?

Ken: My car is broken, would you drive me to the store?

Lester: That is fine.

Ken: Thank you so much.



Ken: Hello, 오늘 밤 파티를 열건데 무엇을 요리해야 할지 모르겠어.

Lester: 준비하기 쉬운 요리를 하도록 해.

Ken: 어떤것이 있을까?

Lester:  스파게티,샐러드 그리고 치킨.

Ken: 식료품에 가야겠어 그럼. 뭘 사야하지?

Lester:  우선,파스타면 그리고 파스타 소스.다음으로는 야채 그리고 샐러드 드레싱. 마지막으로 치킨다리랑 식용유.

Ken: 얼마나 가져가야 할까?


Lester: 파티에 몇명이나 참석하니?

Ken: 20 명의 손님이 와.

Lester:  2 킬로그램 파스타 한봉지,파스타 소스 2캔,믹스야채 1킬로,20개의 치킨다리면 충분할거야.
Ken: 식용유도 잊지마.

Lester:  제일 작은 병의 식용유를 사도록 해.


Ken: 또다른 문제가 있어.

Lester:  뭔데?

Ken: 내 차가 고장났어.나 좀 가게에 데려다 줄래?

Lester: 그래.

Ken: 정말 고마워.